7 Tasty Infusion Water Recipes

7 Tasty Infusion Water Recipes

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With the full heat of summer on us and most of Arizona’s set to full broil mode, we are told to stay hydrated.  But if you are like me and three months of just boring water has gotten you down, you can try spicing your water up with infusions. Infusion water not only can make drinking water tasty, but it has some medicinal value to it as well. Once you get started infusing water you will see that there are nearly endless combinations of flavors to try.

 Not keen on keeping tons of pitchers of water in your refrigerator? Most of these infusions can also be turned into ice cubes and kept in zipper bags for a quick change of flavor.


How to get started

A container for infusing.

Your favorite washed fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

Water: cold, or room temperature works. However, hot water will just boil your infusions and take longer to cool for drinking.

If making ice cubes, you will need a deep-welled ice cube tray.

A cutting board and a knife.


General Tips for How Infuse Water from “A Sweat Pea Chef”

You can use any container for infusing, as long as you can refrigerate it effectively. You will see pretty pictures of infused drinks with fruit and a straw for drinking. While this is aesthetic for pictures, there is nothing worse than sucking up a mint leaf. So, a container with an infusion basket is highly recommended; if one is not available, just pour the water into a separate container after the infusion process is complete.

Let the fruit-infused water set at room temperature for 1-2 hours or refrigerate for about 3-4 hours before drinking it.

If you prefer stronger flavors infuse for up to 8 hours.

If you’re adding citrus, like lemons and limes, these can get bitter after just 5-6 hours so be considerate of the time.

You could also use frozen fruit for these recipes if you’re not able to find them fresh, but the frozen fruit will not be as flavorful and will break down more than fresh fruit.

If you prefer carbonated water, that works fine, too!  Just replace the water with sparkling water and drink it immediately so your bubbles will still be all bubbly.

And yes, you can eat the fruit after you are done infusing the water.


Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint

This is my favorite go-to for infused water.

½ a cucumber

½ a lemon (can be substituted with a teaspoon of lemon juice)

4 mint leaves

1 quart of water

Peel and slice your cucumber. A peeled cucumber will allow for faster infusion. Slice the lemon (I usually remove the small part of the peel off for faster infusion).  Gently crush the mint leaves.

Place all of these in your water container with a quart of water and let it sit for about an hour. The longer this sits the stronger the flavor will be. 


Watermelon and Basil

2 Cups of Watermelon

4 Leaves of Basil

1 Quart of Water

Dice your watermelon and remove the rind. Seedless watermelon is recommended as the seeds are fewer, thinner, or white. Lightly crush your basil.

Place your ingredients in the water container with a quart of water and let sit for an hour.  This recipe makes refreshing ice cubes. Dice your watermelon into even smaller pieces than your ice cube tray and place them in. Put a piece of your basil on top of the watermelon and freeze.  Use your ice cubes in some seltzer water for a bit of variety with bubbles.


Strawberry and Orange

5 Strawberries

½ an Orange

1 Quart of Water

Wash, remove the tops of your strawberries, and slice. When water contacts both sides of a cut strawberry, the flavor will release faster. Slice your orange, remove any seeds, and peel any rinds.

Place these in your container with 1-quart water and let sit for 1 hour. A crushed leaf of mint can help pull the citrus flavors together, but it is not needed.


Orange and Blueberry

½ an Orange

1 Cup of Blueberries

1 Quart of Water

Wash and dry the blueberries then place them on a paper towel. Apply gentle pressure and roll the blueberries together in the paper towel to “rough up” the berries, but not crush them. Slice your orange and remove any seeds and peels.

Place in your container 1 quart of water and your ingredients and let sit for an hour.


Blackberry and Lemon

1 Lemon

1 cup of Blackberries

1 Quart of Water

Wash and dry your blackberries. You can “rough up” these berries as well but ripe blackberries are usually soft enough to let infusing start naturally.  Thinly slice your lemon, remove any seeds, and peel.

In your container add the ingredients and 1 quart of water. Let sit for an hour and serve. This recipe also freezes well for flavor-infused ice cubes. Put one of your slices of lemon in the bottom of your ice tray well and push it flat. Place a few of your blackberries on top with water and freeze.


Lemon and Raspberry

If you are not a fan of blackberries try this with raspberries instead.

1 Lemon

1 cup of Raspberry

1 Quart of Water

Wash and dry your raspberries. “Rough up” these berries to let infusing start faster.  Thinly slice your lemon, remove any seeds, and peel.

In your container add the ingredients and 1 quart of water. Let sit for an hour and serve.


Rosemary and Ginger

Your infusions don’t all have to be fruit or vegetable based. If you want a spicy infusion, try just herbs.

1 Stainless-steel Mesh Tea Ball

1 Tablespoon Minced Ginger

3 Sprague of Rosemary

1 Quart of Water

Wash, peel, and mince your ginger. Peel the rosemary off the wood and gently crush it. Place both the ginger and rosemary into a tea ball. Place the ball in your container of water and let sit for 30 minutes. Ginger can be quite strong so check after 30 minutes. If you want a stronger flavor let sit for another 30 minutes. After infusion, remove the tea ball.


What Can I Infuse Water With from “Copper H2O”?

Herbs, fruits, spices, and other various combos are pretty much limitless for infusing water.  Here are some of my favorite ingredients to infuse water.

  • Cucumber – For Intense rehydration, powerful antioxidants, preventing bad breath, a natural cellulite treatment, and a natural skin brightening treatment.
  • Apples – For relief from constipation, promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, and can reduce candida.
  • Peaches – For cardiovascular function, high in potassium, maintain body weight, and can aid diabetes.
  • Strawberries – For high levels of vitamin C, strengthen bones and teeth, detoxifier for the adrenal glands, and promote healthy thyroid function.
  • Blackberry – For regulating diabetes, an immune booster, great for bone strength and heart function.
  • Blueberry – For possibly preventing heart disease, improves memory power, helps preserve good vision, great for maintaining healthy digestion.
  • Raspberry – For a source of vitamin A, boosts the immune system, burns fat, promotes the production of red blood cells, a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Kiwi – For a powerful dose of vitamin C, great for improving skin and hair quality, anti-aging benefits, immune booster, and helps regulate blood pressure.
  • Mango - For lowering blood pressure, normalizing insulin levels, improving libido, and is helpful to asthmatics.
  • Oranges – Known for powerful astringent properties, can help pull toxins from the skin and thyroid.
  • Lemon – Great for overall health, a natural anti-aging tonic, cures bad breath, promotes memory function and brain health, and contributes toward managing stress and anxiety.
  • Lime – For powerful skincare, aids constipation, strengthens joint function, and can regulate a fever.
  • Pineapple – Known for powerful astringent properties, can pull toxins from deep parts of the body, and helps with existing cysts as well as prevention.
  • Watermelon – Highly beneficial for problem skin, a promoter of healthy adrenal and lymphatic function, and a naturally powerful detoxifier.
  • Carrots – For helping regulate blood sugar, healthy strong teeth, reducing hair loss, and stimulating overall digestive health.
  • Ginger – Known to ease symptoms of asthma, great for hormone and menstrual regulation, can prevent and cure nausea, natural blood thinner, and supports healthy nails and hair.
  • Mint – Great remedy for bloating, improves digestion, aids in relief from cramps, treats bad breath, and reduces fever symptoms.
  • Basil – For eliminating infections, has strong anti-bacterial properties and eliminates phlegm from the breathing tract, which is great for asthmatics.
  • Rosemary – For a mood stabilizer, anti-bacterial properties, helps upset stomachs and is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Thyme – For preventing respiratory disorders, aids muscle cramps, healthy bones and healthy hair, and anti-bacterial properties.


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