Desert Heat Safety

Desert Heat Safety

The Beading Gemini is not a place for medical advice and this post is just a reminder on how to stay safe this summer.

As Arizona’s summer begins to heat things up, now is the time to have a refresher on heat safety. Heat-related deaths are on the rise, and with prolonged heatwaves becoming the new normal, how to stay cool and knowing when to get help is critical to saving a life.

One of the first tips to keep in mind this summer is timing. Plan outdoor activities early in the morning or after sunset. Remember to pace yourself, the heat will put stress on your heart so if you find yourself out of breath find a shady place to stop and rest.

Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. Moisture-wicking tops can help create a cooling effect.

Stay hydrated. Before any outdoor activity make sure to start drinking water the evening before. Always take water with you and if hiking or walking start heading back when you have drunk half of your water. You can overheat quickly and without enough water become very disoriented. Avoid alcoholic drinks as they will add to your dehydration.

Remember to apply sunscreen and wear a hat that covers your head and ears. Cooling cloths can be used on your neck and head to help cool you off if you can’t get indoors.

Know the symptoms of heat exhaustion and stroke and get help immediately if you start showing signs of:





Fast Pulse

Excessive Sweating

Muscle Cramps

Remember in Arizona’s dry heat you won’t feel yourself sweat so by the time you notice it you may already need help.

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