*** Follow up of Arizona Renaissance Festival 2023 ***

*** Follow up of Arizona Renaissance Festival 2023 ***

With delicious smells of cooking meat floating through the air and the perfect weather of an early spring day, we traveled to Gold Canyon for our visit to the Arizona Renaissance festival. Last year the festival came back after a year off due to COVID but this year it felt like it was back completely in full force.  


We wandered our favorite vendors, choosing some great items to bring home. I found some lovely stones that can be used as cabochons and saw some excellent ideas for wire wrapping jewelry. One of my favorite buys for the day came from Stickbow Archery and was my marshmallow-shooting crossbow. This little kids' toy has helped me understand that I am an ambush hunter, nothing in my house is safe.



While further strolling the vendor market we stopped by Whimsy Winks to add to our handmade clay creature collection. This year I bought a dragon resting on a glass orb. 



In place of eating a turkey leg, I opted for a barbeque brisket over French fries. It was not an item menu for a diet that is calorie conscience, but it was filling for the whole day. At the end of the day, I ordered some chocolate-covered strawberries for my head-home snack.




For the last 25 years, we have been stopping to watch the comedy juggling trio “London Broil.” Every final show of the day they take suggestions from the audience on what they should juggle or can they juggle. Now they even said they were not going to take suggestions from the kids of the audience, as they stated that kids have the “worst” ideas. Well, they broke their own rule and took a request from three darling girls in the front. Three little pigtailed, how dangerous can they be, dressed in their best princess garb girls. They asked if the team could juggle over them while they lay on the stage. No problem only three little girls, they said sure…. As the three ran up the stage steps, they were followed by 17 other kids from the audience. Kid after kid broke loose from their parental units and threw their bodies onto the stage. When all was said there were 20 kids lined up like some strange Evel Knievel stunt. As the bodies piled up, you could see the fear buildup in the eyes of the jugglers. There were so many kids on the stage that the jugglers could not stand on the stage, but the good sports that they are, they juggled over all 20 kids. Then they ended the show with some fire juggling, in London Broil fashion.


Our day at the festival ended before the canon but we took home some great memories. If you get a chance this spring make a trip out to Goldfield Canyon, wander the venue, and maybe put a dollar or two into the great performer's hats.



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