*** Follow Up to the Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival Phoenix Arizona & Tropic Options***

*** Follow Up to the Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival Phoenix Arizona & Tropic Options***

Saturday January 28th, 2023, we here at The Beading Gemini had a chance to stroll through the booths and isles of the Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. Firstly, I have to say The Fabric Chicks did not let me down. They always seems to have the fabric that I’m looking for and this time I was able to find just the right color of mustard fabric for a planned project. But my finds didn’t stop there, they also had some cute chicken-themed fabric that will go nicely with some of the fabric I have in my stash.

Here’s a link to The Fabric Chickshttps://www.fabric-chicks.com/about-us.htm


 Also, in our wandering we met a group of nice ladies at Kruusn Quilt Designs from Coos Bay, Oregon, where we found some excellently priced lightweight mesh that will be used in the new bag patterns I purchased.

The link to Kruusn Quilt Designs https://www.kruusn.com/


However, the booth that I would like to highlight was called Tropic Options and the woman that was running it was from San Jose, California. Not only did we have a great conversation over the need for better hands-free bag options, but the vendor shared the story of her booth and products. Tropic Options is a store that offers a large selection of hand-woven beadwork made by indigenous Mayan women in the highlands of Guatemala. With limited educational and work opportunities available to them, Tropic Options has given Mayan women an opportunity to work from home and earn money from the pieces they produce. Tropic Options provides an advance deposit directly to the artists to help provide the money needed to buy materials. The beads they use to weave with are glass seed beads from Czechoslovakia that are known for their quality, consistency, and their color. Tropic Options’ “Beadwork Collection” is known for its exclusive 3-D animal bead figures. They are woven without any internal structures like wire or glue which only adds onto their absolutely stunning craftsmanship.

If you have the time and are interested to learn more, visit their website at: http://www.tropicoptions.com/ where you’ll find even more amazing products.


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