***Follow-up to Tucson Gem and Mineral Show***

***Follow-up to Tucson Gem and Mineral Show***

Last weekend, while the rest of the Nation was focused on the Super Bowl or the TPC Golf Tournament, rockhounds from all over the world quietly gathered in Tucson for the annual Gem and Mineral Show. They lined up early at the Tucson Convention Center and it was very organized, the lines moved along smoothly, and we were in quickly as we had purchased our tickets online. This years ”Main Show” theme was all about the Silica, and it didn’t disappoint with the beautiful Opals, Agates and Quartz. One of my best buys during the day was a beautiful blue opal necklace. Alongside the hundreds of jewelers, and gem vendors at the show, there were also fantastic mineral displays. Quartz crystals the size of babies was on display and there was even a photoluminescent display that showed off naturally glow in the dark rock samples.

Outside the venue, a food truck alley was setup that served a variety of different foods and snacks. Cheesecake was ordered and devoured. Also a few coffee bars were there to keep us well caffeinated to make it through the convention center floor.

Our purchases that day were some beautiful citrine stones and beads, labradorite cabochons, lovely aquamarines, Sleeping Beauty turquoise and some century old foreign coins. I can guarantee our finds will make their way on to shop soon.

My overall impression, as a first time Gem Show visitor, is this venue is a great place to find unique and vibrant finds. The vendors that come from all over the world are knowledgeable about their products and if you are good at haggling you can get some great deals. The inspiration that I got from this show make its way into the shop later this spring.

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