Nightfall Resurrected at Old Tucson

Nightfall Resurrected at Old Tucson

Nightfall Resurrected at Old Tucson

September 29, 2023 - October 29, 2023

Thursday through Sunday 5:30 to 11:30

Nightfall | Tucson Haunted House Experience | Old Tucson

The Beading Gemini is not sponsored by nor is sponsoring Nightfall at Old Tucson. Haunts include loud noises, flashing lights, and mild to intense frights.

Old Tucson has been a staple of family fun and Western stunt shows for decades, but in October when the sun goes down, the haunts at Old Tucson begin. For the last 31 years, a wide array of characters has haunted the town that was the backdrop location for many mid-century Westerns. Last year, after a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the haunts at Old Tucson started back up. They changed the format and went with an immersive theater experience to enhance the 5 haunted mazes that cover the property. Last October was our first visit to the city of Nightfall, filled with solving puzzles, a missing sheriff, and a town vote for the new Mayor. Stunt shows with Gar and Goil concluded the mystery of the town filled with vampires and cult members. When speaking with visitors who had been to Nightfall in the past, it was mentioned that the center of town had more scares, and it seems that the creators have been listening. This year some long-dead town members have been resurrected and a battle of good vs evil will happen in the center of town. So, expect haunts and scares through the main corridor of town. There will be a safe and family-friendly path for those with smaller kids available. But as we found out last year, even the tamer haunts can be too much for some kids, just a warning. And no visit to Old Tucson would be complete without shopping and food. Barbeque, sweets, and snack food are all available along with many “Adult” drinks at the Hotel bar. The property is quite large so plan to be there all night.

As a group, we are planning on attending this year and will give a follow-up to this post after our visit.

Tickets are sold online on Thursdays and Sundays are $30 Value Price tickets. $35 Standard Pricing on Fridays. $40 Peak Pricing on Saturdays. Children 5-12 are $30 on any date. Children four and under are free and there is “Free Parking” this year.

Old Tucson has a “Clear Bag” policy, a Guest Code of Conduct, a No Costume Policy, and a Designated Smoking Section inside the attraction. Those all can be found on Old Tucson’s website.

New RIP packages that start at $129 and include perks like:

-Admission to the park at your convenience. No timed entry is required.

-SKIP THE LINE PASS: Jump to the front of the line at eight different attractions

-Dedicated R.I.P Party Room with unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic beverages

-Private Bar Service with $5 beer specials

-Exclusive R.I.P. merchandise package including lanyard with R.I.P. credentials

-Preferred R.I.P. Parking and entrance at the front gate

The NIGHTFALL: Resurrected - Unlimited Pass allows for 1 entry per day and those start at $145


Old Tucson

201 Kinney Rd

Tucson, AZ

United States




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