Top 5 Sewing Notions for Better Projects

Top 5 Sewing Notions for Better Projects

These are product suggestions and by no means needed for sewing. Products pictured are also not sponsoring nor sponsored by The Beading Gemini.

I’ve been sewing for more than ten years and most of that time it has all been self-taught. But if I had known about these five sewing notions, I would have completed many of my projects a lot sooner and with fewer headaches.

  1. Magnetic Seam Guide for Sewing Machines

I can’t sew a straight line to save my life but with this tool I get a lot closer. This simple metal bar is magnetized so you can set the seam allowance to whatever size you need. When done, you can simply remove the guide for later use.


  1. Quilt Clips

One of my biggest complaints about sewing has come from using straight pins, as I’m always stabbing myself. But no more with this next notion. These are heavy duty clips that replace the need for pins. The clips have strong springs to hold all your fabric still while still allowing them to be removed easily. The only downside to these clips is that they do get heavy when you use a lot of them. The weight can cause your seams to start to pull in a different direction.


  1. Point Turner

My next tool is a good point turner. When I first started sewing, I simply used a pencil for turning my projects; but that didn’t always get a nice “point.” Also, a good point turner will have a round side as well as a point, that allows for curved seams like shoulders. Point turners are not expensive, they are light and will not take up a lot of room in your sewing basket.

  1. Purple Thang

Yes, that’s its name; and yes, it is like a point turner but so much more versatility. If you ever had a string on your favorite hoodie or sweatpants get pulled out its seam, the Purple Thang can fix those strings with less stress. It has a slit that you can slide your string into and then the long handle can navigate through string pocket with ease. I make a lot of bags and this notion makes setting the drawstrings so much easier.

  1. Mini Steam Iron

My last item is a mini steam iron. It is not always convenient for me to pull out my full-size iron and ironing board for a quick project and sometime my large iron has difficulties getting into the smaller areas. That’s where a mini steam iron comes in handy. These small irons get into tighter spots and still leave a crisp seam. They are also small enough to pack in your luggage when you go on a trip.

I hope these suggestions come in handy and good sewing to you all.







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